About Maxivalue Advisors

Maxivalue Advisors is an investment management firm headquartered in Beijing, China. Founded in 2015 by Mr. Ruifeng Pang, a Wall Street veteran on China investment, Maxivalue Advisors has registered with Asset Management Association of China, the official regulatory body for private equities and hedge funds in China. The funds under the management of Maxivalue Advisors primarily invest in Chinese A shares and Hong Kong listed stocks.

Combining the experience in fundamental research and the practice of risk management in the U.S. hedge fund industry, as well as the deep knowledge of China market, Maxivalue Advisors aims to become a first-class asset management firm in China, and creates long-term and solid investment returns for the investors.

At Maxivalue Advisors, the investment team is truly value-oriented and research-driven when it comes to stock picking. We emphasize the importance of digging into the industry, grasping the key factors and trends, and studying the company’s position in the value chain. We like the companies that have characters like high entry barrier, good cash flow, bargaining power with the upstream and downstream, great management team,and so on.